iBali Network

The iBali network is a collective of scholars, activists and participatory practitioners working across Africa on issues of exclusion.


iBali Network

Storytelling approaches for improving education quality in Africa.

The objective of iBali is to establish an international network that applies arts and humanities approaches to social issues in urban secondary schools in Africa.

The network has been funded by the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council. It brings together team of experienced scholars from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Sweden and the UK, who will work with African early career researchers and practitioners.

The idea is to share practices and experience of high-quality, ethical, locally engaged, culturally appropriate, participatory storytelling research methodologies for working with teachers and learners to address learning exclusions.

The funded activities will create the conditions and relationships to sustain an ongoing network to support, highlight and apply the results of this important work in, and beyond, Africa.

I am Jennifer Jomafuvwe Agbaire a Lecturer in Education at the University of Benin, Nigeria, currently on study leave. Hence, I am also a Teaching Fellow in International Education and Development and a third-year Doctoral Researcher at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. Prior to starting my PhD, I taught courses in comparative education, the sociology of education and the history of education, particularly with reference to developing country contexts in Africa and conflict regions. My doctoral research explores university access disparities in relation to such identity markers as gender, ethnicity and socio-economic status in Nigeria.

I am Nava Derakhshani. I like to call myself an eco-feminist. It covers two bases that I care most passionately for: Environmental care and gender justice. I currently work as a freelance consultant using creative methods for collaboration, research and advocacy. I am also a ceramic artists and photographer.

I am Alice Gathoni. I’m Kenyan, but currently based at the Open University in the UK doing my PhD. I love being with youth and have worked with youth with special educational needs and disabilities for the last 18 years. My research looks at youth with disabilities and their activities on social media within higher education in Kenya.

My name is Margaret lsmaila, and I’m a Tutor in the Department of Theatre Arts, School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana. I teach drama/theatre in courses on education, history of theatre and performance practice. I love to learn about the actions and reactions in societies which form the basis for artistic creativity.

I am Faith Mkwananzi and I am a Postdoctoral Researcher under the SARCHi Chair in Higher Education and Human Development at the University of the Free State, South Africa. My interests are in access to, and aspirations for higher education; youth; migration; poverty; and inequality; as well as the use of participatory research methods in contributing to social change. My current project is on the lives, aspirations and access to higher education for young people in marginalised communities.

My name is Agness Mumba. I am a PhD student in Education at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. My research is looking at the regulation of young people’s sexuality in Zambia and its implications for teen pregnancies, child marriages and HIV infections. I focus on deconstructing tensions between sexuality discourses found in religion, tradition and schooling, with those found in modern sexuality education. I ams Executive Director for the Forum of African Women Educationalists Zambia. I have worked for the Ministry of General Education as Principal Education Standards Officer at national headquarters and as a School Principal in 4 secondary schools in Zambia.

My name is Nancy Mbeyu Mwangome, from Kenya. I work at a government affiliated research organisation called the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Welcome Trust Research Programme, in Kilifi, Kenya. I have a broad interest in working with young people in society. Currently, I am running a qualitative project that involves secondary school stakeholders, aiming to understand the Sexual and Reproductive Health Education (SRHE) situation in local secondary schools.

The name is Yusra Price. I currently work at the District Six Museum, in the Homecoming Centre in the education section, where I am a materials developer, researcher and facilitator. I am in the process of developing my own consultancy around educational practice – such as training tutors to facilitate classes, one on one mentorship, and helping people grapple with thesis writing. My emphasis is on skills transference. I feel that I am still finding my way in all things educational :) but teaching, learning and cats are my passions.

My name is Neziswa Titi, and I am trained as a research psychologist. My research is on Africentric childcentred methodologies. I have been recognised as one of the most active champions of decolonisation. I am a PhD scholar, supported by the South African Medical Research Council. My doctoral study is on Africentric child-centred understandings of sexual trauma.

I'm Ntomboxolo (Ntosh) Yamile, working in the Bed Hons office in the Nelson Mandela University, Faculty of Education. I am a first year PhD education student. I work with high school girls from the rural community of Paterson in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. My interest is at the intervention programmes led by girls in addressing gender-based violence. I love using visual methods like making cellphilms, collages and images. I believe visual methods are telling a story and also have a powerful message.